Floris London Stephanotis Bath Essence

Fragrance Notes

Exhilarating notes of orange blossom enlivened with the soft spiciness of carnation contrasted with a green lily of the valley accord are evocative of the intensely fragrant stephanotis blossom. The floral heart, sustained by jasmine and coriander leads to the base notes of sandalwood and musk.


A highly concentrated perfume for the bath with skin softening properties to leave skin smooth and lightly scented. The fragrance is dispersed in the water without leaving a residue. Presented in a smart signature glass bottle.

Add just a few drops to warm running water for a beautifully scented bath.

Floris Family Anecdotes

Stephanotis dates back to the earlier days of Floris. Originally composed in 1796 by James Floris, son of the founder Juan Famenias Floris, it was conceived as a result of the many society weddings taking place in the local area in St. James. Traditionally flowers used in the bridal bouquet were assigned meanings. Stephanotis signifies happiness in marriage.

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