California Baby CALMING™ BATH DROP


The light, calming scent of French lavender and clary sage essential oils is perfect for a bath, massage, or inside a diffuser before bedtime. Our oils are super concentrated, undiluted, and pesticide-free.


Our children are great bundles of joy, but sometimes they need help calming down. Our signature Calming blend, made from French lavender and Clary sage, gives little ones a gentle nudge to help them relax and unwind.

Essential oils are often referred to as the "life force" of plants and are obtained by extracting the essence of the flowers, fruits, saps, or skin of the plant. Our high quality essential oils are super concentrated, pesticide-free, and aren’t diluted with carrier oils. A little goes a long way – up to 100 baths from a 1-oz bottle! They’re also great for diffusers, humidifiers, massages, and more.

How to Use

Pump into palm. Lather & sing happy birthday. Rinse and dry well.


Pure essential oils of lavandula angustifolia (french lavender) and salvia sclarea (clary sage), lecithin*. *Sourced from safflower oil